Andrew Schrot, CEO

With a mathematics degree from the University of Florida and a background in entrepreneurial ventures and academic business research, Andrew Schrot has long been drawn to the pursuit of mixing smart business math with the adrenaline of enterprise to achieve a winning formula.

Colorado’s burgeoning cannabis industry provided an irresistible and historic opportunity for Andrew to work with both elements, inspiring the then 29-year-old to leave his native Florida in 2010 and make Colorado his new home.

After several months learning the industry at a cannabis edibles business, Andrew saw the market was missing an edibles company focused on high-quality ingredients and consistent, reliable dosing. Products didn’t taste good and customers couldn’t trust the potency on the label.

Determined to offer a product fulfilling both of these critical areas while also making compliance, safety and quality control paramount company values, Andrew acquired Virginia’s Kitchen LLC in 2011 and founded the BlueKudu, a cannabis-infused chocolate edibles product line.

Leaning on his math skills, Andrew fine tuned extraction and infusion techniques to ensure consistently-dosed edible production methods. The Denver Post recognized BlueKudu’s accurate dosages and the Associated Press and High Times have reported on its excellent creamy flavors. BlueKudu has never experienced a recall and remains at the forefront of compliance.

BlueKudu is now available in more than 75 percent of Colorado’s dispensaries with over one million bars sold. Revenue has grown 1,000 percent since the first bar was sold in 2012, and sales have grown 500 percent year over year. BlueKudu crafts 3,000 bars per day and uses 1,000 pounds of gourmet chocolate per week.

Andrew plans to expand BlueKudu into additional states as recreational and medical laws are passed. He hopes to offer BlueKudu in his home state of Florida. Busch Gardens in Tampa is where he first saw the African antelope known as the kudu, the inspiration for the unique company name BlueKudu.