Colorado cannabis company takes giant leap toward becoming state’s premiere edibles producer

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Sophisticated new look & state-of- the-art capital investments position BlueKudu as Colorado’s CBD and THC infused premium chocolate bars of choice

DENVER, CO (June 21, 2016) – BlueKudu, the Denver-based cannabis-infused chocolate maker, hopes to become as eye-catching and admired as its namesake, the African antelope with impressive corkscrew horns.

This week BlueKudu unveils its newly branded THC chocolate bars in aesthetically designed child-resistant packaging that conjures thoughts of exotic getaways with 10 different flavors such as Tierra Del Sol, Canyon Lands, Zen Gardens and Craters of the Moon. All-natural ingredients, premium Fair Trade USA and Rainforest Alliance sourced chocolate and a clean extraction process that uses ethanol instead of butane, BlueKudu’s tagline “Unwind Anytime” isan invitation to leave your worries safely behind.

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BlueKudu is also offering a new product, a CBD black cherry flavored dark chocolate bar with 1mg of THC. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabis product so users do not feel “high.” CBD is commonly used for medical reasons such as pain management or anxiety.

BlueKudu chocolates are available in 100mg THC-infused chocolate bars, individual 10mg THC-infused chocolate pieces and 60mg CBD-infused chocolate bars. Higher dose products are available to the medical market. Each serving is individually stamped with the THC or CBD content to ensure customers know exactly what they are consuming.

“After a lot of thought and brainstorming, the new packaging and chocolate names were carefully selected to correspond with the flavor and experience we aim to provide,” said Schrot, who is excited to be opening a new grow operation in north Denver this summer so they will no longer have to outsource the cannabis. “BlueKudu has always been a high quality product since our first medicated chocolate in 2012, but now we feel like the packaging reflects that quality and offers eye-catching appeal.”

BlueKudu is currently available in about 350 dispensaries in 71 cities across the state including large population and ski resort markets as well as many of the state’s smaller spots. Market research found many budtenders regularly recommend BlueKudu as one of the most flavorful, consistent and potent edibles. The dosing consistency and homogeneity of BlueKudu chocolates has also been recognized by the press as well as industry groups and consumers.

BlueKudu is aiming to be available in every state dispensary and plans to expand to additional states, laws permitting. There are also plans to create new edible and topical cannabis products later this year.

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About BlueKudu
BlueKudu is a Denver based company founded in 2011 that crafts a premium product line of CBD and THC-infused chocolate bars in 10 delicious flavors. All-natural ingredients and a process using pharmaceutical grade ethyl alcohol to extract oil from high quality, twice-tested plants distinguishes BlueKudu products, which are available in Hybrid, Indica and Sativa. Ensuring every single BlueKudu edible is consistently made with accurate dosing and sold in the latest tamper-proof packaging available is a top priority. All BlueKudu products are 100% free of gluten, GMOs, eggs, artificial colors and flavors and also include organic ingredients. BlueKudu chocolates tested within 5% of the label in a recent potency test conducted by The Denver Post, confirming BlueKudu products are among the most reliable edibles in Colorado. BlueKudu has also been featured in High Times and the Associated Press. To learn more or find a Colorado dispensary carrying BlueKudu near you, visit