So Easter was approaching, and I was dreading my serving shift that day. (Yeah, that day is right up there with Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. My fellow servers know what I’m talking about.) I vowed to myself that I would not go another hellish holiday working without being fully medicated. So that’s exactly what I did with Blue Kudu Chocolate.

blue kudu chocolate Sativa; Source:

I chose the Chocolate with 100mg Sativa, which was very fitting, since it was Easter and all. There were many different flavors to choose from, like toffee and cookies ‘n cream. They are also available in indica, sativa and hybrid as well as different milligrams of THC. Blue Kudu’s medicinal products are all lab-tested and 100% free of gluten, GMOs, eggs, artificial colors and flavors. They also make their products using an all-natural extraction method and infusion process.

This piece of medicated chocolate is supposed to be five doses, but my goal was to get nice and baked for this dreadful day. I ate half in the beginning of the shift, and within twenty minutes I felt a lightness in my head and my vision got bright. It was like I was floating on an ecstatic cloud! But I wasn’t. I was at work, waiting on tables. And man, did I rock!

I worked my section like nobody’s business, without forgetting a thing. I got great tips. And nothing bothered me! In fact, I felt the giggles come on quite frequently. I pretended that I wasn’t at work at all, but at a comedy show. I ate the second half of the chocolate about four hours later when the giggles subsided and I began to get tired.

It was one of the best shifts I have ever had, which is saying a lot for my twenty years of serving. And that’s how I know that Blue Kudu is the one of the best edibles you can buy!

Republished with special permission from Weedist.