Company Background
After acquiring Virginia’s Kitchen LLC in 2011, Andrew Schrot founded BlueKudu, a premium cannabis edibles company specializing in delicious, high-quality products for the medical and adult use markets in Colorado. Using a 100% natural extraction process, all-natural ingredients, high-grade cannabis and reliable, consistent and accurate dosing methods, BlueKudu provides a safe, creamy and flavorful experience so consumers can “unwind anytime.”

BlueKudu is made with the highest grade cannabis available. THC and CBD are naturally extracted from the plants with an ethanol-based process, then infused into artisan chocolate sourced from a family-owned company that works with Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade USA cocoa farms. BlueKudu chocolate bars are created with white, milk and dark chocolate made using family recipes carried down five generations. The result is the most flavorful cannabis-infused chocolates on the market that consistently taste clean and delicious, never burnt or grassy.

BlueKudu’s team has built an outstanding reputation with dispensaries for providing consistent, reliable, high-quality products and a superb level of customer service, making BlueKudu one of the most highly-recommended edibles by experienced budtenders.

BlueKudu’s revenue has grown 1,000 percent since the first bar was sold in 2012. Sales have grown 500 percent year over year. BlueKudu crafts 3,000 bars per day and uses 1,000 pounds of gourmet chocolate per week.

BlueKudu offers a full suite of adult use recreational and medical cannabis chocolates infused with THC and/or CBD. THC has a psychoactive effect and is what consumers use to feel “high.” CBD is non-psychoactive and is commonly used to treat medical ailments such as pain and anxiety.

BlueKudu sells 100mg THC-infused chocolate bars, individual 10mg THC-infused chocolate pieces and 60mg CBD-infused chocolate bars. Higher dose products are available to the medical market. Each serving is individually stamped with the THC or CBD measurement to ensure customers know exactly what they are consuming.

Safely housed in sleek, colorful child-resistant bar-shaped containers, BlueKudu packaging depicts a world of flavors with artfully designed scenes of canyon vistas, Asian gardens, glacial landscapes, island views and more. The eye-pleasing packaging reflects BlueKudu’s desire to transport customers to another place and “unwind anytime.”

BlueKudu_Full Suite Rec

Company leadership is excited to be adding cannabis-infused gummies, brownies, lotions and other infused products to its line soon.

BlueKudu products can be found across the state with approxiately 75% of Colorado’s dispensaries carrying CBD and THC chocolate bars and more than one million bars sold. One can search for the nearest dispensary carrying BlueKudu products by visiting

Production Facility
Company ownership is currently building a 20,000 square foot state-of-the-art greenhouse in North Denver to grow cannabis, allowing BlueKudu to guarantee plant-to-package quality control. The greenhouse will be complete in late 2016 with the first harvest in early 2017.

BlueKudu’s leadership team is committed to remaining at the forefront of industry compliance and consumer safety.

BlueKudu uses the most advanced packaging safety features available to ensure products are both tamper-proof and child-resistant, as well as clearly intended for adults only.

BlueKudu has never experienced a product recall of any kind. All cannabis is tested for pesticides, mold and pest residue prior to being used in BlueKudu products. Cannabis oil concentrates are tested for potency prior to chocolate infusion.

BlueKudu chocolates tested within 5% of the label in a recent potency test conducted by The Denver Post, confirming BlueKudu products are among the most reliable edibles in Colorado.

BlueKudu management has developed excellent relationships with regulators in the city of Denver and the Marijuana Enforcement Division, and was one of the first edible companies to gain approval from the Denver Fire Dept. for its in-house extraction process.

Cannabis Industry
In the summer of 2010, Colorado’s legislature voted to legalize limited growth and distribution of medical marijuana. A new industry quickly began to develop to meet the demands of thousands of patients who were applying for cards to treat a variety of symptoms doctors deemed treatable with cannabis.

44% of Americans have tried marijuana
Cannabis use in the U.S. has doubled to over 22 million recreational users in the last decade
Colorado dispensaries sold just under $1 billion in medical and recreational products in 2015
National medical and recreational cannabis sales in 2015: $5.7 billion
Projected medical and recreational cannabis sales in 2016: $7.1 billion

Company Stats
Founded: 2011
Founder: Andrew Schrot
Employees: 15
Location: 2736 Welton St. Denver, CO 80205